They were funnier back then…

Imagine that right now you’re the  watching Disney Channel,  and all the while you’re thinking to yourself: ‘how the hell do they manage to ruin a perfectly good channel!??!’ but the truth is they haven’t.


As amazing as that sounds it’s true. :O

Growing up with Hannah Montana, you look now and are amazed at how idiotic  the new shows are ( such as Austin & Ally, or Shake It Up). You look at them as copies: the same type of storyline just with worse jokes and dumber characters (both adults and children), and wonder how much more stupider they can get. Then you are dumbfounded when you watch old TV shows that you used  to grow up watching, still airing every week. You realize that the writers  just try squeezing every last drop of imagination they have left, until they start to repeat  storylines from earlier years until they  have completely ruined it (and I hope we all know which shows I am talking about).

Now you start to look back at shows like Hannah Montana etc…. and you reluctantly admit that they did the same back then. But don’t be so quick in admitting it cause they have made them  worse,  making adults stupider and kids smarter which is depressing. I  wonder what happened to good shows like  Full House and Saved By The Bell. The curremt intelligence level of today´s Disney Channel and even Nickelodeon leaves me no hope for kid tv shows!!

                                                                                      – Ronnie out

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