So Long and Thanks for All The Fish

The Dolphins are smarter than us, Humans.
Deal. With. It.

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3 thoughts on “So Long and Thanks for All The Fish

  1. That is perhaps one of the weirdest but also perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of the entire movie. But though collectively mice and dolphins are more intelligent than humans (probably due to the huge amount of stupid and/or uneducated humans out there), I fancy Artemis Fowl (and myself as well, though my IQ is surely no where near Artemis’… though I don’t actually know my IQ… or Artemis’, either, for that matter… that makes it a bit hard to compare, now doesn’t it? But shaddup, I’m certain that Artemis is smarter than me. XP) quite a bit more intelligent than the vast majority of creatures of either species. Wouldn’t you agree? 😛

    • Do dolphins and mice have IQ’s?
      if so, can theirs be compared to ours?

      • I really have no idea… But in Flowers For Algernon, Algernon the mouse (who underwent special procedures to make him smarter) was able to complete a maze faster than Charlie, a retarded man who was a candidate for testing that same procedure on humans, meaning that the procedure made Algernon smarter than Charlie. So I guess maybe it’s possible, though you may have some difficulties getting dolphins to run (swim) mazes…

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