I really want to live in a Planetarium

My family and I just got back from spending the last four days in the city of Medellin, Antioquia (Colombia!). We had a wonderful time, and were constantly amazed at how different the city is from Bogota. The people were incredibly nice, and helpful, and pleasant to be around. The streets and METRO, and everything were so well kept, unlike (I’m sorry to say) Bogota. My grandpa was very impressed. We all were.

We did so many awesome things! We went to the brand-new Planetarium, where we got to watch an AMNH Film: The Passport to The Universe. Being told, yet again, that we are LITERALLY PUNY PARTICLES IN A TINY PLANET IN A TINY GALAXY IN THE VAST UNIVERSE was slightly depressing, and I had a HHGTG/Marvin Moment. I fell in love with the graphics and the animation. I fell in love with Space, although truth be told, I’ve never been very much into space. I also liked feeling slightly Sheldon Cooper-ish with the whole Physics thing.

After the Planetarium, we went to the Parque Explora, which according to my sister was kind of like The Liberty Science Center in Newark, NJ, only smaller. There were weird dinosaur robot things, and they freaked me out, not because they were life-like, but because they were UGLY.

We went to the Aquarium, where my sister took pictures of the fish from Finding Nemo.

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That’s all for now!

I’m watching Vlogbrothers Videos.



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