An Open Letter to Samwise “Sam” Gamgee

Dear Sam,

Although you weren’t the biggest or the strongest (physically, at least) of Frodo’s companions on the Trip To Rivendell, you are, I daresay, the most loyal and pleasant hobbit. You put Frodo and everyone else’s needs above your own. You were always Skeptical, especially when it came to strangers like Aragorn, and everyone at Bree.

You are really the Greatest Sidekick, for all that you do for Frodo, The Fellowship and all the Others. If there was an award for Greatest Sidekicks it would most definitely go to you, instead of some Vampire or, I don’t know,some other Not-Incredibly-Awesome Person.

This letter will definitely be continued, after I get further into The Fellowship of The Ring.

By the way: Throwing that apple at Bill’s face was really Brave and Awesome.



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One thought on “An Open Letter to Samwise “Sam” Gamgee

  1. I love Sam, too!! 😀 He’s so great snd loyal and sincere. ^ ^

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