Period Dramas that kind of make me wish I owned a TARDIS… (kind of!)

I love Period Dramas about as much as I love Bones and Sherlock and Doctor Who.

Period  Dramas that kind of make me wish I owned a TARDIS…(kind of!)

Downton Abbey

There are so many reasons why DA has become my Favourite Period Drama Above All! The brilliance of the story! The intricacy of the plots! The costumes! The talent displayed by the entire cast! The poise, the elegance! the fairy-tale-ness of it all! Maggie Smith’s wit! It’s all so wonderful!

I still remember accidentally stumbling on to what would soon become my must-watch-channel shortly after the premier of the Second Series on PBS’ Masterpiece Classic. Oh, I was instantly pulled in by the beauty of the set, by the costumes, by the drama between Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) and Mr. Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens), heir presumptive to the Title and Estate. Oh, the banter was almost Bones-like music to my then Bones-hiatused ears! And then I realized that adorable/scheming little lady was Maggie Smith herself! My beloved Proffessor McGonagall was killing me with her witiscms and old-fashionedness.

If I had a TARDIS I would most definetly make sure to spend some time in Pre World War II England, frolicking about Downton’s picturesque gardens, etc. However, I’m afraid that the close-mindedness faced by the youngest Crawley sister, Lady Sybil faced as not only a feminist  but a political /civil rights activist would be a bit of a turn-off. It’s no wonder she couldn’t go back to just being a Lady, after the Great War.

My OTPs: MaryxMatthew, AnnaxBates¹, and CoraxRobert

The Young Victoria

This  film focuses mainly on the years before Victoria became Queen, as well as the earliest years of her reign. As it happens, this is also one of Julian Fellowes’ Masterpieces! (All hail Period Drama Julian Fellowes!!!)

Being a Fellowes Script, there is bound to be a lot of Drama. And so there is. There’s fights between Victoria (Emily Blunt) and her Mother, The Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson), and the despicable Sir John Conroy (Mark Strong) who try to take Victoria’s power away from her. Then there’s also The Thing between Prince Albert (Rupert Friend) and Victoria… at first he was a tool trained by King Leopold I of Belgium to forge an alliance between the two countries, but then they actually fall for each other, and are all cute-sy.

I honestly do think that after spending some time in Victorian England fawning over the pretty dresses and suits, and architecture, etc, I might grow restless and wonder what people did before Televisions and J.K. Rowling.

My(RL) OTPs : VictoriaxAlbert²

Sweeney Todd

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you: after watching this with my uncles and my mom, my sister and I were unnable to sleep for about a month. We were also unnable to fully enjoy hamburgers and stuff for fear that we might be actually consuming human flesh. Thanks, Tim Burton!

I don’t remember a whole lot of the film, because I haven’t watched it in like, six years(?). What I do remember is watching Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp being their awesome/scary/talented  selves whilst wondering what crack-head would ever come up with such a story.

Having said all this, you might be wondering why I’ve even bothered putting this on the list, and here’s why: HELENA BONHAM CARTER. JOHNNY DEPP. ALAN RICKMAN. CREEPY MUSIC.


I might not have been  old enough to have seen Titanic when it first came out in theatres all the way in 1997, but I’ve watched it so many times I die a little bit whenever I hear Celine Dion’s song, or see Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett togezzer.

Rose and Jack’s story is the ‘modern-day’ Romeo and Juliet. I mean, think about it!

The only reason I’d want to TARDIS my self out of there is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Also, did you know… The First Episode of Downton Abbey takes place a couple of days after the sinking of the Titanic? HA!

So there you go!

¹Free Bates!!!

²Even after he died, she still set out his clothes in the morning. Also, she never remarried!

PS: I think it’s the British Accents. I honestly do!

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