College… WHAT??

My brother is leaving for college. In 2 days. WHAT?!?

I know many siblings may either fight a lot or say they are relatively close. But you haven’t (or maybe you have, I don’t really know your life..) met siblings like my brother and I. We are literally best friends. I have absolutely no idea what I would do without him, and the thought of it makes me cry. I know so many little teensy details about him that I’m pretty sure even our parents don’t know. Like how he doesn’t like this one specific body scrub I made him use once because it was too scratchy. Like. That’s so stupid of a thing to know, but I know it.

Point is, I’m going to miss him like CRAZY. and I think he’s going to miss me too. But as of this very moment, I’m not grasping the fact he is leaving. I mean. I can like. Feel the weirdness in the words when I say it, but I can still wake up and see him eating cereal in the kitchen, so it hasn’t hit me yet. But I’m so afraid of when I’m just going to get up the day after he leaves and be like “HEYY. Where…. Where are you??” and then just start crying.

I don’t want him to leave me. He’s literally my best friend ever. I don’t know how I would’ve grown up without him.

I get this is random, but I just had some Green Tea and it was wonderful but it gave me butt loads of energy and I just needed to write this. Yeah.   Don’t worry I’ll post either later or tomorrow about Harry Potter.



One thought on “College… WHAT??

  1. Craig is awesome. Very awesome.

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