New Season of Bones!

So, as many of you may know, and as ALL of you SHOULD know, the new season of Bones starts on Monday, September 17th at 8/7c.

I have some high hopes for this season. Mainly this is because the last season ended, in my opinion, rather suckishly. I mean really, what kind of ending was that to the season finale?

This is what Fox has to say so far about the upcoming season:

“This past season, Brennan and Booth welcomed the birth of their daughter Christine. In addition, the season finale episode brought back evil tech genius Christopher Pelant (guest star Andrew Leeds) who mysteriously managed to manipulate the legal system to tie key pieces of evidence to Brennan in a murder investigation, with suspicion now falling on her.

Season Eight will begin with Brennan on the run with her father Max (guest star Ryan O’Neal) as a fugitive both from the law and serial killer Pelant, while Booth is determined not only to try to prove Brennan’s innocence but – with the help of Cam, Hodgins, and Angela – to place the blame where it belongs, on the murderous Pelant.”

–You can read the full article here:

Okay, so quotes from Fox aside, I was really disappointed last season. While I laughed with the team and enjoyed BonesXBooth SO SO SO much, I thought the episodes were kind of jumbled. I don’t know if it was just me, but there wasn’t as much of a base story-line throughout the episodes… it was kind of just “Oh okay, so the first one or two episodes are going to have Pelant… then let’s have a bunch in between with random killers and not mention Pelant AT ALL and OOH can’t forget to mention Christine. She’s a cutie. Oh and BTDUBS there’s also a new squint but he kinda is going to disappear for a while and we won’t actually tell you why but we are hinting that Cam is afraid of his past but then he’s SUDDENLY back and OHMIGOD dating Michelle…. Oh and um. Now Pelants back, pinning a murder on Brennan, and Max, being the genius that he is, convinces her to run away with Christine, leaving Booth in the dust.”
See? I can describe the majority of the entire season in a few run-on sentences. But hey, that’s a writer’s style choice.

Anyways, I just wasn’t that impressed with the season. Season 6 was much better in my opinion. Although losing Vincent made me cry, the fact that it in some weird way brought Booth and Brennan to have a baby just made me love the season even more. I just felt that the episodes in Season 7 weren’t as fluid with the story. And I know that not every episode has the same killer. That’s what makes it interesting. But I mean, they completely strayed from other aspects of that basic idea and didn’t really tie together many things until the last couple of episodes.

All in all, I’m really hoping for Season 8 to be really strong. I’m also interested to see how they continue on from where they left off.



2 thoughts on “New Season of Bones!

  1. I agree. Last season on Bones was incredibly choppy and out-there-y. It didn’t actually have a story line, other than Brennan’s pregnancy. AND WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT OTHER SQUINT?

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