Harry Potter Pictures!!

The lovely Laura sent me these pictures long ago, for me to use for my own blog. However, then my school decided to block Blogger from our computers, and I was too lazy to make a WordPress blog (I only had like 5 readers… and since they all went to my school, they couldn’t read it anyways so I just stopped…)

It won’t let me upload all 100 or so of them.. So this is just the beginning!!


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Pictures!!

  1. Oh my gosh! Is WordPress unblocked on our computers this year??? 😀 BTW, Dan looks exceptionally creeper-ish in that last pic… 😛

  2. oh gosh! I did send you a lot of pictures didn’t I?
    the sad part is those aren’t all of the ones in all three computers!

  3. lovestrucksinger says:

    haha ellen, im not sure if wordpress is unblocked or not… i guess we have to check. oh and laura. i still have about 100 more from you. and many of them are sexy dan rad pics…

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