I am strange. [Jigsaw Puzzles]

One of my favorite procrastination tools while on my school laptop* is doing online jigsaw puzzles. That’s right. Jigsaw puzzles. While other kids are trying to bypass the proxies to get on Facebook and Twitter or perhaps playing Mind Craft, I prefer to piece together photographs of pencils**.

[*It should be noted that my school district distributes MacBook laptops to all students in teachers for use during the school year. Ideally, these computers would only be used for homework, classwork, and research, but as high school kids are still high school kids, this notion is ridiculous.]

[**It should also be noted that I am particularly fond of pencils. I would far rather write with a pencil than a pen, sure, but I also collect unsharpened pencils. At the moment, I believe my collection has reached more than 150 unsharpened pencils from various holidays and vacations.]

My favorite website for online jigsaw puzzles is thejigsawpuzzles.com. They have thousands upon thousands of puzzles, and they upload new ones every day! In addition, you can actually upload your own pictures to make puzzles with.

But while I think this is pretty cool, other people don’t really get it. Namely, my friends from robotics***.

[***I am part of a FIRST (supposed to be italicized****, but my computer is not cooperating…coopertating… :P) Robotics Competition team, and it rocks.]

[****I’m on Non-Tech, the subdivision of the team that focuses on writing various essays for awards and sponsor letters, by the way. While I am more lenient with my grammar when not writing essays and stuff, the rules concerning the capitalization and italicization of “FIRST” been drilled into my head. .___.]

Since there are about 30 minutes between when school ends and when robotics begins on most days, I usually decide against doing my homework and instead work on jigsaw puzzles. Furthermore, in those 30 minutes, anywhere from 30-90 people are squeezed into our computer lab and engineering room (not to be confused with the workshop). So pretty much all of my robotics friends have, at one point, glanced at my computer screen and realized that I was, in fact, constructing a jigsaw puzzle.

You understand that these kids are used to being around people putting things together, so if they think me weird for doing jigsaw puzzles instead of gaming or socializing, I can’t imagine what “normal” kids would think… But in any case, it’s become something of a joke between my friends and I. For instance:

“Did you get the email about the NYC Regional, Ellen?”

“Nope, she was too busy doing jigsaw puzzles.”

Lol. But despite the jokes and people sometimes looking at me funny, I continue to use my school laptop for the completion of jigsaw puzzles. I sincerely recommend it for procrastinatory and also therapeutic purposes to humans of all ages and genders. And maybe to exceptionally smart Apes, Mice, and Dolphins, as well.


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One thought on “I am strange. [Jigsaw Puzzles]

  1. When I was in nursery school, they would make us it together 100 piece jigsaw puzzles, and I would do that in an hour, or so. Now it takes me a lot longer, but it is still just as fun!

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