Guys, I’m a Hermit now.

Earlier, whilst taking a shower, I had a life-changing realization. It had come about while having a mini existentialist crisis, after failing to find anything good on the Telly (gosh. Now I’m British as well?), and being forced to watch, not for the first time, Eccleston’s Cybermen episodes. It really was nothing big, just the usual “why does my life depend do greatly on the Doctor?” and “Why can’t those damned Cybermen just Delete themselves?” and of course, “Why does the planet hate me, and refuse to play good stuff on the Telly?”. The fact that I was having a meltdown over Televison Programing, and the lack of good re-runs made me realize something that has the Cat Lady Homebody part of me throwing a Mind Cat and Fictional Characters BFFs-infested party, while my Chick YA Fic/Actual Book Deprived part is contemplating just throwing herself off a cliff or locking herself up in Wuthering Heights. I haven’t left the house since I got back, except to catch up with Danny, and then with Maddy and Elizabeth. And on Saturday, I left the house for a Wonderful Road Trip to the Home Depot, to pick up a gallon of paint.*

I have officially(well, not quite…)become a HERMIT.

*I haven’t left the house since! I haven’t talked to my friends (because I’m grounded…) nor have I hung out with them, and I haven’t been to the public Library to pickup the wonderful Maureen Johnson book The Name of the Star, mainly because I’ve been too lazy to do so.

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