Wrock Recommendations?

Hi there. School for me starts tomorrow, and so I’ve been scrambling to finish my summer homework.

This entails reading a horribly boring book (Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis), looking through notes on Science, and reading and taking notes on a textbook which glorifies Native American and West African culture despite the facts that Native Americans threatened their children with the possibility of becoming social outcasts and thus dying and West African culture was demeaning to women, as men essentially bought multiple wives to increase their social status. And then they have the nerve to go on and call the king’s forces of Europe evil men who did nothing but “murdering, gambling, drinking, whoring, blaspheming, willfully killing husbands and fathers, persecuting peasants…, stripping fields, and demanding tribute.” They go on to say that it’s just great that young children in the Native American culture are trained to endure and INFLICT physical pain on others to defend their kin in war. Yeah, how wonderful. What a beautiful display of culture. Little kids being told to hurt other little kids so they can torture and kill and be tortured and killed during war. Yep. In the movie 8 words of Hermione Granger, “That’s barbaric!”

But in any case, I’ve realized that listening to music while working helps me get past my discrepancies with the text and focus on note-taking. So since I’ve discovered that I love Hank Green’s music, I thought, “Why not try out wrock?” The only issue here is that I have NO CLUE which wrock bands are “the best” and then which songs are the most awesome. People have suggested everything from Harry and the Potters to Oliver something and the Remembralls to Draco and the Malfoys to someone and the Sugar Quills to The Moaning Myrtles… Basically, I need help sorting through them to find those really great songs. If any wrock listeners (and yes, I’m looking at you, Laura…) have any song suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments. 🙂

Thanks, and DFTBA!

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One thought on “Wrock Recommendations?

  1. I think Harry and the Potters is good…maybe give them a shot?
    Also Hank’s “This isn’t Hogwarts” or whatever is pretty darned cool. I posted it a few days ago.

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