Thoughts on the First Day of School part II

Despite what the title says, this post will be about my Second Day of School. I apologize for misleading you, Person On The Other Side Of The Screen.

Today we had our afternoon classes (Periods 5-8), followed by a Club Fair aimed mainly at the Freshmen and new upperclassmen. Period 5, for me, means English 10 with Mrs. Moore and Mr. Lyndaugh. It turns out my friend Anjali–who was in my Bio and Freshman Focus classes–is in my same class this time! We started went through the Core Novels we would read this year: Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Secret Peace… pretty dark books, according to Mrs. Moore. We did an exercise where they gave us a certain place, say Home or the Amusement Park, and we had to write down feelings and thoughts we associated with that place. We spent about a half hour doing that, before we had to go to our next classes.

Sixth period was Finance Class. You have no idea how interesting was. No, I’m serious. At least by the end of the course I will have an idea of how to make a budget, and be Financially Responsible. Also the teacher and I have the same last name. HOW FUNNY.On the bright side, my friend Nina from last year’s History and Algebra classes was there!

I had Gym during seventh period, and we got our lockers straightened out. Apparently we got the same ones as last year, only with a different combination.  I’m in a pretty big group–30 kids or so–and I don’t know most of them. I do know a couple of kids from my algebra class last year, and a girl from Fest.

The last period of the day was US History, which is possibly my favourite subject ever. Also, Maddy is in my class.

I think that People-In-My-Classes-wise today wasn’t too bad. Especially with one of my friends in one of my classes.

And this is how the Incredibly Riveting Story of Somebody’s First Two Days of School Finally Concludes.



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