I finally gathered enough Mental Determination to Do My Nails

Finally! After more than three months I finally resolved to do my nails myself!
I went on that site Ellen mentioned earlier, and found Tape-Shape Nails. Basically, what this means is that by using a piece of previously painted Scotch Tape, you’ll be able to create a fun design and what not. It’s fairly Simple, and it looks great.

I started off by using a base coat, and then a silver polish. While it semi-dried, I took the bit of Scotch Tape I’d painted pink earlier, and cut small triangles. I put them on my nails, after dabbing a bit of topcoat polish on the backs, so they would stick more easily. Next, I cut the purple tape into several (read: four) and placed two of the bigger strips on my thumbs. The other two strips I cut ip into little squares, which I placed by the pink tape triangles. I finished it all off by applying a topcoat, and then a sparkly polish. I might have gone a bit overboard on the glitter, but I think it looks pretty darned good.


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