Writer’s Block Fixers: Write about a blue-coloured object

I’ve been battling mind crushing Writer’s Block for the better part of the past year. So, in order to hopefully work my way PAST it, I decided to use this website for inspiration.

#31: Write about a Blue-coloured Object

There’s a couple blue objects I’m particularly fond of: the TARDIS and my copy of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.


The TARDIS, for those of you out there who are not Whovian or really have never had any exposure to Doctor Who, is a Time/Space Ship. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It looks like a London Police Box from the ’50s or ’60s. It is a pretty, deep, dark-ish blue. Sort of like Midnight Blue and Royal Blue mixed together. It is the most beautiful shade of blue, in my opinion. The TARDIS is also the most fantastic machine ever! Imagine traveling to any place in the universe to any point in time! All the things you could do! All the places you could see! As a (wannabe) anthropologist, it would be a marvelous opportunity to study humans through the ages! in all different places, too! I could meet Queen Nefertiti (“Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” 7.02) or Cleopatra, or Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Mead… ANYONE!  I could meet so many awesome people as children (or adults…).

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars

For all those of you out there who have never heard of John Green, or about his latest (and arguably, his best) YA Novel, The Fault in Our Stars, read on. TFiOS is the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen-year old girl dealing with a rather rare type of cancer as well as Not Having a Life syndrome, Not Being a Regular Teenager syndrome, as well as Feeling Alienated From People Her Age syndrome. Her mom forces her to go to a Cancer Support Group for Under Eighteens, where she meets Augustus Waters. Needless to say, he is a HOT person, who happens to have a thing for symbols, and insists of holding an unlit cigarette between his teeth because it is unlit, therefore not able to kill you. Needless to say, it is pretty much the best YA book I’ve read in a while.

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