Jim Parsons is Adorable (and how it’s been my mantra for today).

I don’t know why, but today I woke up thinking about Jim Parsons. weird, I know, considering I haven’t watched BBT in about a week. But then, it really isn’t because the last thing I read last night was the latest Entertainment Weekly, and it happens to have Jim and his Big Bang co-stars on the cover. OHMYGOODNESS. So because my subconscious felt that I should prove my parents’ theory that Laura has No Good Taste in Men, Even if They are Actors, I was thinking of him a lot today. I kept picturing him in this really adorable video with the Sesame Street Arachnid. And also in Harvey, which I REALLY wish I’d seen, and obviously as (my) Teenage Heartthrob Doctor Sheldon Cooper.

I really don’t know what it is about him that is so *insert non-descriptive, yet totally helpful fangirl squeal here* about him. Maybe it’s his C-3PO-ness, because let’s face it: even I, a non-Star Wars fan, can totally see the resemblance. And then there’s the awkwardness that brings a drunk baby giraffe to mind, very much like Matt Smith and (admittedly,) Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. It’s the fact that  he is so Sheldon-y even when he isn’t being Sheldon.

So today, I made JIM PARSONS IS ADORABLE my mantra as I suffered the side effects of being Iron Man. (Fe=Iron +Man= Iron Man. Therefore I am Iron Man) I said it while I wished EVERYTHING would stop hurting and that the kids who were helping me up onto that darned log about six feet off the ground would NOT LET GO. And then I was holding onto the thing  as if my life depended on it, and thought WHAT WOULD JIM/SHELDON DO? I imagine they would do what I did: freak out and beg to be let off.


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