I live on the Eastern part of the US, the part that they’re predicting will be hit HARD by Tropical Storm Hurricane Tropical Storm Hurricane (?) Sandy. Meh.

Now if you don’t live on the Eastern coast of the US, let me give you a synopsis of the recent history of storms in this area… Last year, we had a lot of rain. I’m pretty sure it was record-breaking… And then, at the end of the summer, we were hit by Hurricane Irene, a storm so damaging that its name got taken off the rotating list of hurricane names. To put this into perspective, other storms whose names have been retired in this way are Hurricane Floyd and Hurricane Katrina. Irene also flooded my basement with up to 3 feet of water because the power was out, so obviously, the sub pump wasn’t

working, so just bleh. And some weather experts are predicting that Sandy will be even worse. So my reaction to this storm is just BAH. XP

So if you also live on the East coast, I wish you luck. DFTBA.

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