The Time Halloween Got Cancelled Thanks To A Storm (for The Second Year In A Row)

So it seems Mother Nature really has it out for us, Halloween-loving folks, here in the East Coast… because it is the second year in a row that we’ve gotten a storm! Right before Halloween! *insert sarcastic cheering here!*.

You might be asking yourself ‘Why the heck is a person her age making such a big deal out of it? Is she secretly a third grader passing for a sophomore in high school?’, and my answer to you is maybe. I mean, Halloween has always been a fun thing for me: dressing up, getting candy, going to Halloween parties, eating the aforementioned candy… it’s always been loads of fun! I’m not going to say it hasn’t been creepy at times, what with all those stories of Satanist cults abducting/drugging children, and child lurers and pedophiles taking advantage of the occasion… but it’s always been fun…

Anyways, losing Halloween due to Storm-related damage is a bummer, no matter how old you are. Last year, for instance, my sister had a meltdown because my parents wouldn’t let her go Trick-or-Treating in town due to downed power lines. And what’s specially upsetting this time around is that Maddy was supposed to go dressed up as The Doctor, and I was going to cosplay New Companion/Literally The Nicest Dalek Who Is A Human Oswin Oswald. like, hello! EET EES ZE DOCTOR AND OZWEEEN.

But we’ll see what happens now… we haven’t got school tomorrow, and possibly won’t have any for the next few days… 

If you are, or have been affected by Sandy do stay safe! and obviously DFTBA!

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2 thoughts on “The Time Halloween Got Cancelled Thanks To A Storm (for The Second Year In A Row)

  1. Ben says:

    I live in the boston area, and last year we got a CENTIMETER of snow, which was gone by the time school let out, this year, we had a ton of wind, but only lost power for 4 secs, what’s awesome is that our school thought there would be alot more damage than there was (which was nothing) so we got another day off, so i played my xbox 4 two days:) anyway, halloween wasn’t cancelled this year, either.

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