Freaks & Geeks: A Look at Our Favorite Teen Misfits

I only recently started watching Paul Feig and Judd Apatow’s Freaks & Geeks thanks mostly to the fact that school hasn’t been open for the last week (c/o: Super Storm Sandy). Also, I think it was way overdue. I mean, you don’t watch Bones  for three or four years without knowing that our beloved John Francis Daley was in this cult fave. Also, I was re-reading everything on the Rookie Mag archive and found this. Also, Rashida Jones guest starred. And so did a bunch of other awesome people.

Let’s have a look…

Freaks & Geeks. A List of Epically Awesome Characters.

The Weirs.

  • Mr. Weir: Dear Mr. Weir is Lindsay and Sam’s  super-strict, highly-opinionated father. He likes looking out for his children, and it is easy to tell he really cares for his children. I mean, he wouldn’t be as hard on Lindsay as he is for “falling in with the wrong crowd” (aka: the Freaks) if he didn’t care for her.
  • Mrs. Weir: Sam and Lindsay’s mom reminds me of Reba‘s Barbra Jean. That is to say, a goofball. She’s very much the type of mother who makes a big fuss over everything because  she’s afraid her children are growing up too fast. Especially with Sam in high school.
  • Lindsay Weir: Lindsay is Lindsay. She’s a geek turned freak. She’s as close to a Real Teenage Girl as you’re going to get from a TV show. And I say this not only because she’s so perfectly confused and Are You For Real-ish, but because she makes total sense as a person who is still trying to find the sense in the world.
  • Sam Weir: I have to admit that if  I had a younger brother, I would like him to be like Sam Weir. Heck, I kind of wish my younger Cousin Harry would kind of be like Sam: firstly, he (and his friends Bill and Neal) love SNL, which in my opinion is actually the greatest creation c/o the Gods of Comedy. Secondly, Science Fiction. Thirdly, who wouldn’t want a little brother who looks out for them like he does for Lindsay? I know I would.

The Geeks.

  • Bill Haverchuck: I admit, I’ve had a lot of fun at Bill’s expense. Like, in that episode when the Freaks coerce Lindsay into throwing a keg party, and Sam Neal and Bill switch their keg for a Non-Alcoholic one and Bill ends up getting drunk (with the real stuff) while watching Dallas. He’s very gawky and Out There. He’s the Geekiest of the Geeks. He’s also super allergic to peanuts.
  • Neal Schweiber: Neal has a really big crush on Lindsay. He’s also a self-proclaimed comic-genius and a ladies’ man. (Spoiler Alert: he really isn’t). He’s the most outgoing one of the three, and as a result always want to be the center of attention.

The Freaks.

  • Nick Andopolis: He’s probably the nicest of the freaks, and it seems he genuinely cares for Lindsay, as opposed to Daniel who in my opinion, is a jerk. He’s a pothead. He also owns a 27 piece drum set. He’s really a sweet guy.
  • Daniel Desario: He’s one of those people who seem really cool, but really are not-so-cool. I, frankly don’t see what Lindsay sees in him.
  • Ken Miller: Picture That 70’s Show’s Steven Hyde and yeah… that’s pretty much it. However, he’s considerably smart, and caring underneath the sarcasm, etc.
  • Kim Kelly: She’s a…uh… an interesting character. She’s Daniel’s on-and-off girlfriend. She has a reputation at school, for having sex and doing drugs. She also lives with her psycho mom, and her step-father. She and Lindsay become best friends as the series goes on. She is also (although to a far lesser extent) a personal hero of mine.
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