First, a HURRICANE and now SNOW??

If you live in the New York/New Jersey Area you might be shaking your fist at the sky, and wondering Why On Earth are We Getting a Nor’easter After FREAKING HURRICANE SANDY?

Don’t we have enough to deal with for the next few weeks? I mean, there’s people in my school who aren’t getting power until sometime in the next couple of weeks! It’s nuts, considering that we’re in one of the least-affected areas! The worst that happened around here were downed power lines, fallen trees and in extreme cases trees on houses. But now we get snow. It’s been snowing steadily since about 1pm; first it was that awful melts-when-it-touches-the-ground stuff, and by the time I was on my way home (3-ish?) it was starting to stick and then melt. And about an hour and a half ago it really began to stick. there’s probably around a half inch outside. How fun!

The (only) upside, it seems is that it makes me feel less weird about the fact that Christmas Commercials are airing already.

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