Wow! There’s only FIFTEEN more days until Christmas and my family still hasn’t gotten the majority of our Christmas Shopping done! *gasp*. Nor have we taken our Christmas Card Picture, let alone Printed the Christmas Cards, although they have been designed for a while now… in fact, they’ve undergone several touch-ups and tweaks. Hm.

This time of year, I think is especially nostalgic, as I’m sure many other people do, though not necessarily in a religious/Christmas-y way… maybe in a more secular ALL-INCLUSIVE HOLIDAY SEASON way, or in a Hanukkah or Kwanzaa way. I’m constantly reminded of Christmases from ages ago… like that one when (I’m fairly certain) I micro-waved my grandmother’s Baby Jesus figurine in her brand new microwave oven. More likely than not, the microwave wasn’t functioning, but I like the idea of a Microwaved Jesus. And the Colombian Christmas Carols that I grew up with constantly assault me with memories from AGES ago… for instance the one about the little Donkey–“Mi Burrito Sabanero”–always makes me think of tiny-little-me riding a very small donkey toy thing around my grandparents’ living room.


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