Ah, forgot to say Happy New Year!

Indeed, 5 days late (and my second post since the new year), but… better late than never? haha 🙂 2013!

So. This is…. what, five hours after my last post? ._.;; But I realized I didn’t say Happy New Year, and the previous post was kinda too long and whiny to just add onto it . And really, most of all, that I realized I could share some pictures from my trip to Japan here (ELLEN I’M CALLING YOU. i have more, of course. :D):


fresh crabs at seafood market

brrrr, cold though D:

random mountainside somewhere in Sapporo. 🙂

point being I WAS IN JAPAN ermagerd

temple in Asakusa

it has the absolute cutest mascot ever. <3 LOOK IT UPPP

famous (i think) castle in kyoto

basically, Japan was TONS of fun. 🙂



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