This blog started as a sort of Summer Challenge. It came about after having spent too much time trying to get Photoshop and Illustrator to install in my grandmother’s laptop (without success :(), while simultaneously  poring over Rookie’s archives. I asked my sister and my friends to contribute, and they accepted, something for which I am very grateful.

  • I am a very big fan of being a fan of stuff, so I do get overly enthusiastic about things like Doctor Who, and Harry Potter.
  • I am somewhat headstrong when it comes to my opinion on certain matters.
  •  I am a feminist, which simply means that I believe men and women are equals therefore they should have equal opportunities to live their life.
  • I am a big reader, so I will have book reviews up from time to time, as will Ellen!
  •  I love food–both cooking it as well as eating it, so look out for recipes and pictures of cakes and cupcakes…hopefully not just from me, but from Maddy too!



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