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Writer’s Block Fixers: Write about a blue-coloured object

I’ve been battling mind crushing Writer’s Block for the better part of the past year. So, in order to hopefully work my way PAST it, I decided to use this website for inspiration.

#31: Write about a Blue-coloured Object

There’s a couple blue objects I’m particularly fond of: the TARDIS and my copy of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.


The TARDIS, for those of you out there who are not Whovian or really have never had any exposure to Doctor Who, is a Time/Space Ship. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It looks like a London Police Box from the ’50s or ’60s. It is a pretty, deep, dark-ish blue. Sort of like Midnight Blue and Royal Blue mixed together. It is the most beautiful shade of blue, in my opinion. The TARDIS is also the most fantastic machine ever! Imagine traveling to any place in the universe to any point in time! All the things you could do! All the places you could see! As a (wannabe) anthropologist, it would be a marvelous opportunity to study humans through the ages! in all different places, too! I could meet Queen Nefertiti (“Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” 7.02) or Cleopatra, or Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Mead… ANYONE!  I could meet so many awesome people as children (or adults…).

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars

For all those of you out there who have never heard of John Green, or about his latest (and arguably, his best) YA Novel, The Fault in Our Stars, read on. TFiOS is the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen-year old girl dealing with a rather rare type of cancer as well as Not Having a Life syndrome, Not Being a Regular Teenager syndrome, as well as Feeling Alienated From People Her Age syndrome. Her mom forces her to go to a Cancer Support Group for Under Eighteens, where she meets Augustus Waters. Needless to say, he is a HOT person, who happens to have a thing for symbols, and insists of holding an unlit cigarette between his teeth because it is unlit, therefore not able to kill you. Needless to say, it is pretty much the best YA book I’ve read in a while.

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Pond Life

Here, fellow Whovians, you can find all five installments of the Doctor Who pre-quel Pond Life, which focuses on the Pond’s life when they’re NOT in the TARDIS.

After watching the last one, I can’t help but feel like the world is on its head.






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There’s Five Days until the Doctor Who Series 7 Premier, and Bones has a trailer out!

So I’ve been really looking forward to the Doctor Who Series Seven Premier, because it is FIVE DAYS AWAY!! It is even more special. considering it will be the first episode I don’t watch as a re-run for the first time, like pretty much all of the ones I’ve watched up until now. I am determined to savor whatever screen time Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have until The Dreaded Fifth Episode Of Sadness and Depression and Paranoia and Weeping Angels*. Back to the matter at hand, Series Seven Premier: Asylum of the Daleks looks absolutely AMAZING! I mean, the Daleks are back**! and the Doctor is (most likely) out to destroy them yet again.

Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks airs on BBC and BBC America and Space (in Canada) on September 1, 2012. Do Not Miss It!

As BFF and Fellow Bonehead Celine said in a previous post that Bones’ eight season is coming out soon: September 17, 2012. Words cannot fully express how high my expectations for the show are right now, after the  down-spiral-y mess that they called ‘Seventh Season’. I have seen the trailer about five times, looking at EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, in hopes that SOMETHING will stand out and make this The Best Season Ever, which in my opinion be a tough act to follow, after the First***, Third****, and Fifth***** seasons.

As far as I can see, we get our kick-ass Brennan back! And she’s been keeping in touch with Ange! and she’s blonde! and she looks great!

that’s from a few years ago…

Emily, in the season 8 trailer. BLONDE.











so, just keep glued to your TV. Also, BBC America is having a DW marathon on friday, starting at 8 am (ET).

*Not the episode’s actual name, of course; that really wouldn’t stick Market-wise, now would it? The actual name is “The Angels take Manhattan”. Check your local listings for time and stuff.

**I’ve been told that being that enthusiastic about the return of the Daleks is a bit alarming, if not creepy, mainly because Daleks are murderous misunderstood and adorable-looking  creatures. Also, it’s their first appearance since series five’s Big Bang. Now you get why I’m excited, right?… right?

***Where do I start? The Pilot? The Man in the Morgue? The Graft in the Girl?

****The Third season is awesome except for, you know, NO Zackaroni, and the fact that that psycho Pan Nunan had to go and kill Booth while Brennan was rocking out to Cindy’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. What the  FRACK. 

*****This is possibly the most Fangirl Shipper-Friendly season. And that lasts through the sixth season. Of course, these are two seasons of constantly wanting ti MURDER both Brennan and Booth. They were so FRUSTRATING! AND SO GOOD!******

******I sound like a maniac, don’t I? well, never mind that…

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On the Ethics of Shipping (Harry Potter)

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling!! Today is Harry Potter’s 32nd Birthday and J.K. Rowling’s 47th!!!

And yesterday was Professor Neville Longbottom’s 32nd Birthday, so Happy [Belated] Birthday to him, as well!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Shipping in the Harry Potter fandom to me seems to be just amazingly complicated. For instance: Sure, I ship Severus/Lily but would cry for WEEKS if Harry Potter ceased to exist! Wouldn’t anybody? And also: How are you supposed to ship Dramione if this means Scorpius would not be born? (And: Is partial shipping even possible? Like, by definition, can I ship Remus/Sirius SOMETIMES instead of ALL THE TIME?? Because I love Tonks, I really do…) But I seem to always be able to find a way around this; my real shipping ethics don’t come into play until Harry Potter himself comes up.

In general, I consider myself a Fairly Strong Shipper of Harry/Ginny. I mean, it’s near impossible to imagine them not together; it would be simply Not Right. However, I absolutely despise most Harry/Ginny fanfiction. I mean, I would rather read Hermione/Ron fanfiction than Harry/Ginny, and I HATE Ron. ESPECIALLY with Hermione.*

[*This goes back to me hating Ron’s personality, I think. He’s really mean and obnoxious and insensitive and just plain immature for most of the time. Specifically towards Hermione. And I know what you’re saying, that young boys express their feelings for girls by making fun of them, but you know what? I could make that same argument for Draco, who is less mean and obnoxious and insensitive and immature towards Hermione and instead just likes picking on her. So if that was true, wouldn’t it be Draco who liked Hermione? Exactly.]

The main reason I dislike most Harry/Ginny fanfiction is probably because Ginny is a very hard character to write. I would know. I’ve tried. Her personality is less simple and defined than Harry’s, always the Determined Hero, or Hermione’s, the Bookworm, or even Voldemort’s, the Heartless Bad Guy. Instead, she’s something of a mix between several archetypes. She’s a bit of a Tomboy, but she’s also Independent and a Fiercely Loyal Friend. She is Sporty and has had LOADS of Boyfriends. So all in all, she’s pretty confusing. This makes it exceptionally hard for people who are not J.K. Rowling to write her completely In Character; the only really great Ginnys I have read are written by Dramione authors, who mostly focus on the Fiercely Loyal Friend part of her character.

That being said, I much prefer to read Harry/Hermione fanfiction, although I do not ship Harmony in canon AT ALL. I have no idea why this is. I guess I might like the fluffiness that is usually present in these stories? This shipping is certainly much different from my OTPs (TTPs?), Draco/Hermione and Artemis/Holly, as the fics are pretty much Pure Fluff without any Sarcastic Humor and Sharp Wit. And so in that way, it may be me Looking For Something Different. But it also might be just because it’s so interesting to think about how Harry and Hermione’s friendship could have, under different circumstances, developed into Something More. So I really have no clue about the reasons behind my unorthodox attraction to Harry/Hermione fanfiction. But I do know that reading it is far more enjoyable than reading Harry/Ginny fanfiction.

Happy birthday again to Harry, J.K. Rowling, and Neville!!

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Doctor Who’s Matt Smith talks to Entertainment Weekly… YAAYYY!!!

I heard the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly featured on its cover someone (and something) I, personally, am incredibly fond of: Doctor Who and his TARDIS. THE DOCTOR AND HIS TARDIS! Inside (according to EW’s site…because I am currently unable to HOLD THE ACTUAL THING!) Matt, Stephen and the rest of the Who cast and crew spill on what’s to come this season (starting Aug. 25th!) incluiding the Most Awaited NYC/Weeping Angels episode (:O), The Ponds Leaving (:(), and The New Companion, of whom virtually nothing is known, although it has been widely speculated (and discussed during lunch with Maddy and Elizabeth…) that she happens to be the Doctor’s Daughter.

Anyways, in the ‘web exclusive’ interview  Matt talks about shooting in New York and Jenna Lousie Coleman (the New Moon Panic¹), and also Andrew Garfield. I’m actually not making this up. He does mention Mr. Spiderman Man.

Go Check it out! ♦

¹Moon Panic is an anagram of the word Companion. It was also the code name Karen Gillan had to use in her audition. HAH.

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An Open Letter to Samwise “Sam” Gamgee

Dear Sam,

Although you weren’t the biggest or the strongest (physically, at least) of Frodo’s companions on the Trip To Rivendell, you are, I daresay, the most loyal and pleasant hobbit. You put Frodo and everyone else’s needs above your own. You were always Skeptical, especially when it came to strangers like Aragorn, and everyone at Bree.

You are really the Greatest Sidekick, for all that you do for Frodo, The Fellowship and all the Others. If there was an award for Greatest Sidekicks it would most definitely go to you, instead of some Vampire or, I don’t know,some other Not-Incredibly-Awesome Person.

This letter will definitely be continued, after I get further into The Fellowship of The Ring.

By the way: Throwing that apple at Bill’s face was really Brave and Awesome.



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