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On The Possibility of Moving, and it’s Effect on Increasing World-Suck

Over the summer, my parents started looking at houses where we might move, sometime in the near future. They’ve been looking all over the place, hoping to find a place that’s within their budget, as well as big enough for us, and close enough to my sister’s current school. It’s taken them a while, but it seems we finally found one.

Thing is, it’s in a different town.

In and of itself, this really isn’t a big deal.

Except for the fact that I’m going to have to transfer schools in what is considered the most awkward stage of life.

Especially for us Wallflowers.

And it really wouldn’t be terribly bad if we had a set date for moving, and stuff like that, but we don’t. This means I’m going to spend the next few(/several) months possibly being a nervous wreck, not wanting to suddenly leave my current school, and my friends, and Fest. God knows that’s going to be hard. It took me about five months (FIVE MONTHS!!!!) to go twenty feet down the hall, and eat lunch with Elizabeth and Maddy! And Elizabeth had to drag me (quite literally!) down the hall to what became my favorite spot in the whole school building.

Every friend I’ve made since fifth grade, I met out of pure luck.

I met Ellen and Celine through my cousin,who had been going to school with them since forever. When I moved away, we became closer than we were in school. We’d spend inordinate amounts of time chatting through GMail. We had “Weird Dreams” chain-mails, and Middle School Girl Stuff Chain Mails. I discovered Seally was a die-hard Bones fan, as well as a B&B shipper. Ellen introduced me to HarryPotter fanfiction, and Dramione and Artemis Fowl and she was the only other person who would discuss Percy Jackson with me. (I still am a big Percabeth shipper!). In seventh grade, at my sister’s current school, I met my friend Holly. To date, I don’t think I’ve met a sweeter person, or made friends with someone who doesn’t like many of the same things I do (aka: books), although we did share a love for Tina Fey, Amy Poehler,SNL and Parks and Rec.

I met Elizabeth on the first day of school last year, after having been mistakenly placed into a Ceramics class I wasn’t really interested in at the beginning . We started talking about whatever it s two strangers talk about whilst surrounded by upperclassmen who know each other. Eventually, we started talking about Harry Potter. In a school of a gazillion people (actually, 1700…) I had found somebody who loved Harry (my future husband at the time) as much, if not more than I did. I had only ever listened to very little Wizard Rock before I met her, or heard about Leaky Con.

She introduced me to two amazing people: Maddy and the Doctor.

Maddy is easily one of the most creative people I’ve met. She’s a great potter (do not confuse with Potter), and photographer/photo-shopper, and TARDIS-maker, and computer/ tech- savvy In a way most kids my age that I know are not.

What if this time around I don’t get lucky? What if my Charlie never meets a Sam or Patrick?

What if I’m doomed to spend French class muttering to myself about its similarity to Spanish like I did all last year with Danny? What if I move before Fest comes around? That is very likely, it seems… ūüėĪūüėĪūüėĪūüėĪūüėĪūüėĪūüėĪūüėĪūüėĪ

Nothing is set in stone. And it kills me not to know. Maybe The Doctor should take care of that. Or perhaps my local Ministry of Magic could provide me with a Time-Turner. But until the TARDIS-stealing Time Lord and his Tine Lord-stealing TARDIS crash on my door step, or an owl delivers said Time Turner, I will be kept in the dark, regarding ZE FUTURRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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‘Fake Geek Girls’… whaaaaaaat?

I don’t know what it is with (so-called) ¬†Cool People and geeks, or with my parents and me calling myself a nerd, or with Joe Peacock and ‘hot chicks’ wearing super-hero costumes.


I have tried (and tried, and tried) to figure out the first two issues. In doing so I have ended up with far more questions than I had in the first place.

To begin, I think it would be useful to have definition. Check out Possibly One Of The Most Accurate Venn Diagrams Ever below:

A Geek, as we can so clearly see, is a person that is both intelligent and obsessive. Alright. But then, what is a cool person? Are Cool People not intelligent? not obsessive? are they, say, jocks? or those super-model types? Who says Geeks and Nerds aren’t cool?

Here we run into our first problem.

I happen to think the Conventionally Cool People are actually rather boring. [Please note I’m making vast generalizations!] Instead, its people who are thought of as ‘Geeks’ and ‘Nerds’ that I seem to have an easier time relating to. My friends and I are all self-described Nerds. We fangirl over pretty much anything. In fact, this blog is ‘dedicated’ to our Nerd-ness. ¬†We’re smart, and obsessive (we do say so ourselves…) and Socially Awkward. ¬†We unironicaly fall in love with stuff, and nobody should be able to say whether we love stuff enough to be considered Nerds or Geeks.

Then there’s the ‘stigma’ attached to any one of these words. Thanks to the media, Nerds and Geeks are like characters straight out of shows like ¬†Freaks & Geeks¬†,The¬†Big Bang Theory¬†or¬†Bones.¬†We’re not all Sheldon Cooper ¬†or Zack Addy or¬†Neal Schweiber¬Ļ. No matter how much we admire them, we shall never be them. And I say this as someone who thinks Sheldon Cooper is one of the Coolest Humans I should Ever Be So Lucky to Meet. Geek or Nerd should be a word among many used to describe someone. Just because I call myself a Nerd, it doesn’t mean I’m going to be Just A Nerd. I’m also Bookish, a ¬†Nerdfighter, Klutzy, Feminist, Lover of Food. It would be like objectifying people, rendering them into one-layered beings, without much substance.

This leads me to what originally prompted me to write this post.

A person is not a label. People, by definition, are many-layered beings that are constantly evolving. This is something Mr. Joe Peacock does not seem to understand. ¬†He seems to think that a ‘hot chick’ who goes around SDCC wearing a super-hero costume can be nothing more than a woman who is flaunting herself at true geeks (aka: Men) because she is getting paid to do so, but not because she has “any¬†interest or history in gaming”. What is also sadder than him being genuinely convinced that pretty women can’t be true geeks, is that he seems to think Geeky Men are essentially Losers.

What I’m talking about is the girls who have no interest or history in gaming taking nearly naked photos of themselves with game controllers draped all over their body just to play at being a “model.”¬† I get sick of wannabes who couldn’t make it as car show eye candy slapping on a Batman shirt and strutting around comic book conventions instead.

I’m talking about an attention addict trying to satisfy her ego and feel pretty by infiltrating a community to seek the attention of guys she wouldn’t give the time of day on the street.

I call these girls “6 of 9”. They have a superpower: In the real world, they’re beauty-obsessed, frustrated wannabe models who can’t get work.

They decide to put on a “hot” costume, parade around a group of boys notorious for being outcasts that don’t get attention from girls, and feel like a celebrity. They’re a “6” in the “real world”, but when they put on a Batman shirt and head to the local fandom convention du jour, they instantly become a “9”.

They’re poachers. They’re a pox on our culture. As a guy, I find it repugnant that, due to my interests in comic books, sci-fi, fantasy and role-playing games, video games and toys, I am supposed to feel honored that a pretty girl is in my presence. It’s insulting.

What kind of society is this, where a person’s beauty dictates their worth? Where their interests dictate how ‘In’ they are? Why does Mr. Peacock feel that a model couldn’t possibly be genuinely interested in gaming? Is it possible that he watched that¬†Wizards of Waverly Place episode where Alex’s model friends start playing Dragons & Dungeons or whatever with Justin and Zeke? Why does he imply that a Geek Guy would be honored to see a girl who would normally ignore him In The Real World dressed up as his favourite comic-book character? ¬†Why does he feel that in a Geek’s Mind a normal woman would instantly become 100√ó more attractive simply by donning a Wonder Woman costume?

Is Emily Deschanel any prettier, or any more attractive/badass dressed up as Wonder Woman (“We’re like Wonder Woman and Super Man after a bad date.” *fangirling*) than she is wearing her every-day clothes?













I didn’t think so.

As for the “Who Decides Who’s a Geek and Who’s Not” dilemma:

I believe that Felicia[Day]’s main drive is probably writing and acting, and that geek culture is where she chooses to exercise her talents. She’s found a niche, and she works within that niche ‚Äď but so have Nathan Fillion, George Takei, Wil Wheaton… All actor/writers who make the most of their geek celebrity. However, no one gets it in their blood to call these guys out.

Clearly he must have some power when it comes to deciding who’s a Geek and who isn’t. Who says that Nathan Fillion and Wil Wheaton¬†aren’t geeks? Hasn’t it occurred to him that actors go for papers for reasons other than a big paycheck after every episode? I’d like to think that maybe Fillion signed on to Joss Whedon’s¬†Firefly because he liked being a part of the Jossverse, or that Mr. Wil Wheaton actually was a¬†Star Trek fan before he became Wesley Crusher. (“WE ARE THE WESLEY CHRUSHERS!!!!” Oh, Shelly!!!!!). Maybe he really liked the Flight Suits. ¬†Maybe he was a fan of¬†Eureka¬≤ or¬†The Big Bang Theory before going on as Dr. Parrish and himself.

The last line of the quote above makes him sound like a hypocrite, when you think about what he said only a few lines previously. Afterall, shouldn’t he at least afford those so-called ‘hot chicks’ and ‘booth babes’ the same benefit of the doubt he affords to these men?‚ô¶


Geek Out: Booth Babes Need not Apply

Forbes: ‘Fake Geek Girls’: How Geek Gatekeeping is Bad for Business

HelloGiggles: Fake. Geek. Girls.

¬ĻGuys, remember when Sam and Bill helped Neal find out why his dad was being so weird towards Sam? And it turns out he was cheating on Mrs. Schweiber? I think your Dentist is someone you should never mess with. I mean, what if they screw up your teeth?

²Why is it that I just found out Eureka ended rather recently? I was starting to ship Jack and Allison! and Holly and Fargo! and Andy and Sarah! and Lupo and Zane! waaaaahhhhh!!!

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Michael Phelps is a Super Human and I got a Yellow Fever Shot

Guys, I don’t mean to brag, but today I got the Yellow Fever Shot and I lived to tell the tale. I got a (tiny) needle stuck in my arm, and a virus/bacteria thing (Oh, my Bio teacher must be so proud right now…) injected into my bloodstream, and I SURVIVED. I feel like freaking Loki of Asgard, or Rory Williams or something.

Also, Michael Phelps is a Super Human. He’s the person with the most Olympic Medals ever! I mean, 19 Olympic Medals! This coming from a person who’s deathly afraid of needles, and can hardly walk on flat ground! Much less a treadmill!

When my sister and I heard about the his little piece of news via the Colombian newscast (in which they pronounced his name Michel…) last night we were sent into a fangirling frenzy. It was the silent kind, of course given that they were also talking about the Colombian athletes who are also doing impressively well, and oil prices, and the declining popularity of our Prez. We have been Phelps Phans (you see what I did there, right? ;)) since the Beijing Olympics, and since my sister has fallen slightly in-love with him. Then again she also fell in love with a European tennis player she saw on 60 Minutes and Eli Manning and the Hemsworth Brothers… (yes, Thor is better looking than his little brother, Veronica. No, I’m not kidding…).

Anyways, we hope THE SHARK, as I’m told he’s been labeled continues to do wonderfully in these London Olympics, and that he continues to rack up medals he will then conserve in little bags he keeps outside his gas-chamber-esque bedroom. We are very proud of him, although obviously not anywhere nearly as proud as his mother, Debby. (I love that Subway commercial of the two of them!)

You, dear reader, should also be extremely proud of me, because I DIDN’T CRY at the Red Cross Chamber of Torture (ie: Immunization). Also, my cousin would like the universe to know that he too, got the Yellow Fever Shot as well as the Tetanus Shot. Oi, Cybermen! One of your kind is currently sitting next to me! He’s the one that got the shots!‚ô¶

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Breaking the Shipping Rules: Shipping IRL

As I’m sure many of you know, Shipping many times extends to more than just The Fandom. Shipping, although highly UNADVISABLE, sometimes extends to Real Life. This is not good.¬†¬†I try to abstain from doing it, as much as I can, but it’s hard, especially when deep-down you’re convinced that THEY BELONG TOGEZZERRR! Some Highly Popular examples are ‘Brangelina’ and the recently divorced TomxKatie and, well, you get the point. Then there are ‘Demily’ (Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz….) and ‘Darvillian’ (Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan), and ‘Smillan’ (Matt Smith and Karen Gillan) and one of my favourites: ZooeyxBen (Zooey Deschanel and ¬†Ben Gibbard).

I am really big fan of both Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard, and I ship(ped) them SO HARD. When news of their split and following divorce hit the news, I became slightly depressed. (It is very embarrassing to admit this, because I always mock people who care too much about The Housewives and The Jersey Shore people…).WHY DID THEY BREAK UP? THEY WERE SOO BEAUTIFUL! That video¬†(in which you can’t see anything) of them performing together at The Crocodile Cafe (where Ben and his DCFC band-mates had their first ACTUAL performance all the way in 1998…) is so PERRFECT!! They were ¬†my RL OTP! They were my Music Biz Power Couple! I became convinced that DCFC’s “Monday Morning” was a Zooey Song. I stopped listening to Death Cab ¬†for a long time (three months!) and listened to She & Him obsessively, or at least more often (if possible) than before.

Eventually, I got over it.

Or so I thought.

Now there’s pictures of Zooey going out with some (really good-looking) guy. AND IT’S NOT BEN. It’s like re-living¬†Bones‘ Sixth Season all over again. You know, when you ship Booth and Brennan, but because you want your OTP to be happy, you grudgingly ship Booth and Hannah, or Brennan and Sully or Booth and Cam, or Angela and Wendell instead of HODGELA. It’s like shipping Xander and Buffy, instead of Buffy and Angel.


Bottom line, it’s better to keep shipping Fictional Characters (MycroftxCake, for example…), and let People’s lives take their course.

And I’m still wildly confused by Demily shippers… after all Emily has a Husby (also called David!) and an adorable baby boy that is the reason the past season was the way it was. Also, David has two beautiful children and a wife.

As my friend’s awesome Button says: “If it’s a Thing, I SHIP IT!”‚ô¶

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Happy Birthday, J.K. Rowling!

The Stories we love best do live in us forever. So if you come back by film or by page, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

-J.K. Rowling at the HP&HBP Part II London Premier

Forty-seven years ago, a genius was born in Gloucestershire, England. Her name was Joann Rowling, and she would grow up to be one of the most inspiring, fantastic, and ¬†imaginative writers to date. As a girl, Joanne constantly wrote stories, primarily for her younger sister Dianne’s enjoyment. She studied at Exeter University, where she earned a French and Classics degree. Later, as a post-grad, she moved to London where eventually she would start writing what would become her Great Masterpiece: The¬†Harry Potter saga.

In the early ’90’s Jo moved to Portugal to teach English as a Second Language. In 1992, she got married, and a year later she gave birth to her daughter, Jessica. ¬†Shortly thereafter, her marriage ended, and she, along with Jessica, moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. It was there, that the first volume of the¬†Harry Potter¬†series was eventually completed.¬†Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone¬†was first published in June 1997 (US: September ’98), under the now-famous (and slightly pointless¬Ļ) pseudonym: J.K. Rowling.

It is worth noting, ¬†that despite rumours that Rowling completed¬†the Philosopher’s Stone in cafes because she was unable to rent a flat with heating, she herself has stated (repeatedly) that although she did have¬†heat in her flat (Edinburgh during the winter…) she liked writing in cafes, because going for walks was the only way Baby Jessica would fall asleep. Also, she didn’t use napkins for writing, she used actual paper.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets¬†was published the next year, in July 1998. It stayed on the UK ADULT BESTSELLER LISTS for over ¬†a month after its publication. When it was published in the US, on 2nd June, 1999, it sold incredibly well. ¬†When¬†The Prisoner of Azkaban came out on July (and September in the US) of 1999, the Boy Wizard as well as Rowling herself were garnering world-wide acclaim and press attention. Meanwhile,¬†The Philosopher’s Stone topped bestseller’s charts in the UK, and all three¬†Potter books occupied the Top Three spots in several US Bestseller’s Lists.

The Fourth Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was published in the UK, the US and Australia on August 8th, 2000. It reached a record 1 million copies printed in the UK, and about 3.8 million copies printed in the US.  The Goblet of Fire also set records with the sale figures within the first week of publication.

It was three years before she would release the fifth book:¬†Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It became the fastest-selling book in history¬≤, as well as the longest in the series, with a page-count of 766 pages.In my personal opinion, this is also the saddest and darkest book in the series. ¬†In July 2005, Rowling’s sixth book,¬†Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince¬†was released. It set record-breaking sales. It also gave us Ronmione shippers hope, while breaking our Harmony shipper’s spirit. It unleashed a very confusing period that still isn’t over. For the most part. Actually I’m pretty okay with how things ended up. Anyways, moving on…

The last and Most Awaited Book Ever (okay, probably not EVER…):¬†Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows¬†came out¬†¬†was published in the UK, USA and other English-speaking countries on 21st July 2007. The book is the fastest selling book in the UK and USA, with 8.3 million selling in the first 24 hours and 11.5 million in the first ten days. THOSE, in case you were wondering for some reason, are INCREDIBLE FIGURES. They are MIND-BLOWING.

Thanks to J.K. Rowling¬†millions of kids that never read (like, ever!) actually started reading… a lot! Thanks to this woman’s never-ending creativity millions of people have been able to get into this ongoing journey/experience of pure unadulterated Amazing-ness. Her works have allowed us to¬†connect with people around us; I’ve made friends based on our mutual LOVE for J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter and Hogwarts and LITERALLY EVERYTHING (including weird ships…), After my mom, my dad, and my sister read the books we were able to discuss them in-depth and get to understand how we each feel about different things, and how we react to certain things. We even got to emotionally bond over stuff like ships. LAST TIME I CHECKED MY MOM WAS A DIE-HARD HARMONY SHIPPER.

So, I just want to take a little time (and space) to thank Her Majesty The Queen of Pure Awesome J.K. Rowling for creating this universe that has literally been like a home to so many of us.

‚ô•‚ô•Thanks, Jo! Happy Birthday!!!‚ô•‚ô•

¬ĻThe main point of having a pseudonym is to remain anonymous. In this case, Jo’s publishers believed she would have a greater male audience if she didn’t reveal her gender. ¬†Geesh. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

²Apparently the current Fastest Selling Paperback is Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Twilight Porn. (Did I mention I hate Twilight?)♦

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Why were Roger Waters and Morrissey singing together? Why don’t my dreams make sense?

We all know (or have been told) that dreams are the representations of our thoughts, and that more often than not they are utterly and completely meaning less. They are just random things our subconscious cooks up, and they may or may not be inspired by our real lives. There are people, for example who dream about doing every-day stuff. Pretty exciting, huh? And then there are people who dream extraordinary things that should be movies, if they already aren’t, and somehow manage to make perfect sense. Like that guy and his wife who literally LIVED in their dream-world for AGES. Or that other girl who built a dream inside a dream (inside a dream, inside a dream).Oh, wait, that’s Inception! with Joe Gordon-Levitt and Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page!

A lot of the dreams¬†I remember are a mix of the two. Except, of course they¬†don¬īt¬†make any sense. Whatsoever.

Last night, for instance, I remember falling asleep while listening to The Smiths. In my dream I was in some stage thing, with a huge screen/wall in the back, and¬†a SMITHS SONG WAS PLAYING. When I turned around, Morrissey was there, singing. THE MOZMAN HIMSELF. Next to him, Roger Waters, from Pink Floyd was, I don’t know, doing something. I think it was Roger Waters, because his face was a sign that said ROGER WATERS in big, bright letters. Then, Roger Waters and Morrissey Himself started singing some new kind of music… a cross between Progressive/Acid/Space/Psychedelic Rock (according to Wikipedia) and Indie Pop. Actually it just sounded like “Please, please, please Let Me Get What I Want” with spacey background vocals that said something like “Pink Floyd…The Wall…So EPIC”. I should say I’ve only ever seen Roger Waters’ face in an interview with 60 Minutes about his The Wall Tour, and I’ve only ever heard maybe five Pink FLoyd songs.

In what universe would that happen? How did Morrissey and Roger Waters ever end up in the same place? WHY WAS I THERE? HOW did I get there? ugh.

Then there was the time Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard was sitting there in my living room. And apparently I was interviewing Ben Gibbard. In my Living Room. ¬†And Ben Gibbard was also singing. In My Living Room. “Monday Morning” and “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” and “Grapevine Fires” and “Expo ’86” all being sung by THE BENJAMIN GIBBARD in My Living Room. It was insane. I was fangirling in my sleep, and nearly rolled off my bed, and bumped into a duck wearing a suit. The Duck then chased me down the side of a Swamp, somewhere in the outskirts of Bree (Middle Earth…).

I am infinitely jealous of people like my sister that can have perfectly logical dreams that have nothing to do with going to the ¬†bathroom at a restaurant and bumping into Voldemort and The Silence. She doesn’t have to suffer in the morning with burning questions such as: ‘Why were Voldemort and The Silence IN THE LADIE’S ROOM?’. I hope any Neuro Scientists (Hi, Amy Farrah Fowler!!!) or Psychologists (Hello, Lancelot!) or Psychiatrists (Hello, you!) that happen to be reading this have any ideas to help me have NORMAL DREAMS.

However, if you happen to suggest I stop watching/reading/listening/obsessing over the stuff I dream about, I say NO CAN DO.

Ever had any strange dreams that’s baffled you more than Irene Adler baffled Sherlock Holmes *sighBenedictCumberbatchsigh*?

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HelloGiggles ‚Äď The Badassification of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

HelloGiggles ‚Äď The Badassification of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Joseph is pretty much the coolest actor in existence.

He’s also one of the most adorable/dreamy/CREATIVE ¬†actors in Hollywood.

He’s also very good at fighting up-side down in Gravity-free hallways. (INCEPTION!!)

He also likes THE SMITHS.


and he sings*. sort of**.


JGL is just too cool.

*It’s like watching¬†(500) Days of Summer again. They’re kind of perfect together.

**I think my cousin can sing better than that, at least on The Beatles Rockband thingamajig.

***This was actually directed by Marc Webb, the director of (500) Days of Summer. It is LITERALLY the most AH-MAZING music video. Also, She & Him are my LYFE.

Happy Birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch!!!

Today, Benedict Timothy Carlton¬†¬†turns thirty-six! Hooray! Let’s wish him a long, satisfying carreer, filled with many more seasons of solving bizzarre cases, and BAFTAs and high-cheekboned grins! ¬†

You can see him ¬†in the upcoming The Hobbit (as the Dragon and Smaug! with Sherlock¬†co-star Martin Freeman!) as well as in the¬†Star Trek¬†sequel coming out sometime in the FUTUREEEEEEEEE. Sadly, he won’t be playing Spock, although he would be PERFECT for the role (but what do I know, anyways…). Instead, he will be The Evil Guy Whom Everyone Will Undoubtedly Fall In Love With, as with Tom Hiddleston’s LOKI.


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