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College? WHASSAT?

NO. NO. NOOOOOOO. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy???????


…I could probably finish this post right here. but. but. BUT. Because I am a selfless person who is willing to bring herself to whine to you people who obviously have nothing better to do, HERE Y’ALL GO:

I mean, this is hardly a new issue of teenagers. Lack of identity, direction, time to find more GIFs, et cetera, all important things… how can I just pick a college? D: I’m in my sophomore year of a private school in China, and our winter break is just coming to a close. and yesterday, my parents just decided that I should spend today deciding what colleges I wanted to possibly apply to so that we could plan our college tour, presumably occurring next summer.

And… I don’t even. whatttt? DX Where do I even start? I’ve used those “college match-up” services before and I WHAT HUH SO LOST. Location? I dunno probably East or West Coast but I mean really important to me or anything and my major? o_O something science-y maybe but oh god what if I don’t actually want or maybe I won’t be good at I mean I heard you don’t have to even pick a major yet until sophomore year of college? and. didn’t take the SATs yet. so. uh. okay, skipping that…

…tuition fees, ethnicity (WHAT IF THERE AREN’T ANY ASIANS AT THAT SCHOOL ERMAGERD NO WAY WHO WILL I FOB WITH), school type, school size, campus setting, public or private, historically black, so on and so forth. You get the point. By the end, the form has a few vague answers, all marked “Kinda” in “How important is this to you?” and a couple of thousand results.

I do have a dream school. I guess. o_O MIT. BUT HEY HEY HEYYYYYY before you all go judging me or whatever– I don’t even know if I really want to go there. To be honest, I got the idea that I wanted to go to MIT in kindergarten… when my school was having one of those winter boutique thingys where kids buy a bunch of crappy yet expensive gifts for family members… basically, when I was going through checkout I did mental math to get the total cost, so the mothers running the cash register, being the kind and encouraging community members that they were, advised me to go to MIT when I grew up.

so the moral of that story would be watch what you say to kids. 😛 Haha, mostly kidding though. It was a cool dream, I suppose, but now, I don’t know if I want to commit to that. Unfortunately, I always answered MIT the countless times to my parents asked me where I wanted to go for college while I was growing up. sooooooooo yeah :I
WOW this is already pretty long. uhm. I’ll probably cut this off here. but in any case, I guess I just wanted to close this by adding that… besides me just blubbering… any advice? I guess? >_<;;

TIME TO STOP PROCRASTINATING and piece together something for my mom~!


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