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So this is the new year…

I feel really bad, seeing as I haven’t updated this blog in ages. Maybe a month. Maybe more. I’m not quite sure, and I really don’t want to know, because then that would be sad. So much (not really?) has happened in the last two months, and it’s been quite stressful. Dealing with my twenty-something cousin who came from Florida in September  and all the drama that ensued, and then my uncle’s snoring from my living room, and leading the school’s African American & Latino Fest, and the Holidays, and buying a house, and helping remodel said house, and school. I’ve been so busy trying to not let stuff that doesn’t matter take over my life (hello, obsessions!), and trying to keep everything in perspective that I really haven’t had any mental energy to write (or publish) anything. (I haven’t written any fan-fiction in over a year, due to lack of inspiration. and laziness).

We officially bought a house two days after Christmas. We will move there in late February. I’ve been having conflicting feelings about this. On one hand, I don’t want to leave Maddy (meow!), and (strangely enough) Fest. On the other hand, I really am sort-of excited about the prospect of having a fresh start.

New Year’s was interesting. I went to a party, at a friend’s house. It was in the basement, and three other girls (one of whom is in Fest, the other two are freshmen in college, and were also Fest-members last year..) showed up. I’ve never shared more than a ‘Hi!’ with any of them, so that right there was pretty awkward. Then the catching up started… and of course I didn’t really have anything to contribute to that particular conversation. Then came the dancing part of the evening*. It was all hip-hop-style music, and dancing that you would expect to see at a nightclub. I feel it is necessary for me to point out, that I don’t–under any circumstances–listen to that kind of music of my own free volition. I listen to Ben Gibbard/Death Cab/The Smiths/She & Him/Buddy Holly/Lumineers/Spice Girls/Joni Mitchell/Buddy Holly-type stuff. I will occasionally listen to David Bowie or Pink Floyd or the Beatles or Juanes. But all of that is a complete 180 music-wise. Also, I don’t dance. (If you watch the Mindy Project, just picture Mindy in that Zumba class. In a basement. You get the idea). I spent the rest of the night at my aunt’s house watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin’s New Years Thing. I will say this now: ANDERSON COOPER IS ADORABLE.

We went back to school two days later and things were pretty much back to normal. I devoted an entire day to writing a History Outline on the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798, which for those of you who have no clue as to what those are, are a dreadfully dull subject.

I daresay, the most exciting thing to happen this year was my falling with the loosened stairs, and knocking the entire thing down. The saddest thing was not qualifying for the DECA State Competitions.

Right now, I have Mid Term Exams to look forward to next Thursday, Friday and the following Monday and Tuesday. yay!!! Oddly enough, though, I’m not really worried about my exams, other than the French and History ones… English, Chemistry, Geometry and Finance are not overly concerning.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back on track with my writing this year…



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On The Possibility of Moving, and it’s Effect on Increasing World-Suck

Over the summer, my parents started looking at houses where we might move, sometime in the near future. They’ve been looking all over the place, hoping to find a place that’s within their budget, as well as big enough for us, and close enough to my sister’s current school. It’s taken them a while, but it seems we finally found one.

Thing is, it’s in a different town.

In and of itself, this really isn’t a big deal.

Except for the fact that I’m going to have to transfer schools in what is considered the most awkward stage of life.

Especially for us Wallflowers.

And it really wouldn’t be terribly bad if we had a set date for moving, and stuff like that, but we don’t. This means I’m going to spend the next few(/several) months possibly being a nervous wreck, not wanting to suddenly leave my current school, and my friends, and Fest. God knows that’s going to be hard. It took me about five months (FIVE MONTHS!!!!) to go twenty feet down the hall, and eat lunch with Elizabeth and Maddy! And Elizabeth had to drag me (quite literally!) down the hall to what became my favorite spot in the whole school building.

Every friend I’ve made since fifth grade, I met out of pure luck.

I met Ellen and Celine through my cousin,who had been going to school with them since forever. When I moved away, we became closer than we were in school. We’d spend inordinate amounts of time chatting through GMail. We had “Weird Dreams” chain-mails, and Middle School Girl Stuff Chain Mails. I discovered Seally was a die-hard Bones fan, as well as a B&B shipper. Ellen introduced me to HarryPotter fanfiction, and Dramione and Artemis Fowl and she was the only other person who would discuss Percy Jackson with me. (I still am a big Percabeth shipper!). In seventh grade, at my sister’s current school, I met my friend Holly. To date, I don’t think I’ve met a sweeter person, or made friends with someone who doesn’t like many of the same things I do (aka: books), although we did share a love for Tina Fey, Amy Poehler,SNL and Parks and Rec.

I met Elizabeth on the first day of school last year, after having been mistakenly placed into a Ceramics class I wasn’t really interested in at the beginning . We started talking about whatever it s two strangers talk about whilst surrounded by upperclassmen who know each other. Eventually, we started talking about Harry Potter. In a school of a gazillion people (actually, 1700…) I had found somebody who loved Harry (my future husband at the time) as much, if not more than I did. I had only ever listened to very little Wizard Rock before I met her, or heard about Leaky Con.

She introduced me to two amazing people: Maddy and the Doctor.

Maddy is easily one of the most creative people I’ve met. She’s a great potter (do not confuse with Potter), and photographer/photo-shopper, and TARDIS-maker, and computer/ tech- savvy In a way most kids my age that I know are not.

What if this time around I don’t get lucky? What if my Charlie never meets a Sam or Patrick?

What if I’m doomed to spend French class muttering to myself about its similarity to Spanish like I did all last year with Danny? What if I move before Fest comes around? That is very likely, it seems… 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Nothing is set in stone. And it kills me not to know. Maybe The Doctor should take care of that. Or perhaps my local Ministry of Magic could provide me with a Time-Turner. But until the TARDIS-stealing Time Lord and his Tine Lord-stealing TARDIS crash on my door step, or an owl delivers said Time Turner, I will be kept in the dark, regarding ZE FUTURRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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