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Michael Phelps is a Super Human and I got a Yellow Fever Shot

Guys, I don’t mean to brag, but today I got the Yellow Fever Shot and I lived to tell the tale. I got a (tiny) needle stuck in my arm, and a virus/bacteria thing (Oh, my Bio teacher must be so proud right now…) injected into my bloodstream, and I SURVIVED. I feel like freaking Loki of Asgard, or Rory Williams or something.

Also, Michael Phelps is a Super Human. He’s the person with the most Olympic Medals ever! I mean, 19 Olympic Medals! This coming from a person who’s deathly afraid of needles, and can hardly walk on flat ground! Much less a treadmill!

When my sister and I heard about the his little piece of news via the Colombian newscast (in which they pronounced his name Michel…) last night we were sent into a fangirling frenzy. It was the silent kind, of course given that they were also talking about the Colombian athletes who are also doing impressively well, and oil prices, and the declining popularity of our Prez. We have been Phelps Phans (you see what I did there, right? ;)) since the Beijing Olympics, and since my sister has fallen slightly in-love with him. Then again she also fell in love with a European tennis player she saw on 60 Minutes and Eli Manning and the Hemsworth Brothers… (yes, Thor is better looking than his little brother, Veronica. No, I’m not kidding…).

Anyways, we hope THE SHARK, as I’m told he’s been labeled continues to do wonderfully in these London Olympics, and that he continues to rack up medals he will then conserve in little bags he keeps outside his gas-chamber-esque bedroom. We are very proud of him, although obviously not anywhere nearly as proud as his mother, Debby. (I love that Subway commercial of the two of them!)

You, dear reader, should also be extremely proud of me, because I DIDN’T CRY at the Red Cross Chamber of Torture (ie: Immunization). Also, my cousin would like the universe to know that he too, got the Yellow Fever Shot as well as the Tetanus Shot. Oi, Cybermen! One of your kind is currently sitting next to me! He’s the one that got the shots!♦

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